Technology Enables Discrete Forms of Illegal Hiring Discrimination

Social media and the internet, despite bringing about incredible possibility for advancement and opportunity previously unimaginable, have become tools for an unparalleled level of hiring discrimination. Employers practicing illegal hiring discrimination have in recent years learned to become more discrete about illegal employment discrimination. By masking any discrimination in the workplace, these discriminatory employers reduce potential liabilities. Using new technologies which publicly display user-provided personal details, employers interested in covertly and illegally screening candidate employees can do so much more easily and discretely.

Due to the rise in popularity of social media sites like Facebook, employers can easily look up prospective candidates. It becomes easy to search through a person’s intimate details including religious affiliation, sexuality, gender, political views, age, and even social network. Employers could even gauge a candidate’s genuine interest in the position or level of ambition, see whether they’d be a fit for long-term growth, screen someone by the color of their skin before ever meeting them, and use one’s social network to decide on the type of compensation an employer might offer. Such blatant cases of employment race discrimination, employment sex discrimination, employment age discrimination, employment disability discrimination and employment religious discrimination are difficult to detect. All forms of illegal hiring discrimination can be noted as for a different reason, and in these cases, all occur before even meeting the candidate.

Discrimination in the workplace is a problem that has the possibility of growing unchecked because of these new tools. In the past, illegal hiring discrimination required direct confrontation. For example, a hiring manager would have to directly ask someone what religion they practiced – a question that has been made illegal according to new hiring discrimination laws.

In the past, a job applicant could simply have lied in the face of these questions, but with social media today, applicants may not even know they were evaluated on such illegal discriminatory criteria. It is now up to Los Angeles discrimination lawyers fighting illegal hiring discrimination to combat illegal social media hiring discrimination.

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Workplace discrimination because of race or ethnicity is illegal in California. If you feel you have been a victim of race employment discrimination in your workplace, contact the attorneys at Carlin and Buchsbaum today.

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