Los Angeles Discrimination Protest Demands End to Job and Workplace Race Discrimination

Workers of multiple races marched through the streets together recently protesting unequal job opportunities and workplace discrimination. This illegal workplace race discrimination protested against makes it difficult for people of different races, sexes, and ages to obtain and keep necessary jobs. Workplace discrimination and workplace harassment, whether due to sex discrimination, gender discrimination, age discrimination, race discrimination, or ethnicity discrimination are all illegal in the city of Los Angeles. Even though these forms of illegal discrimination are enforced by Los Angeles discrimination lawyers, illegal discrimination in the city of Los Angeles is still unfortunately widespread.
The protest was organized by The Los Angeles Black Workers Center in conjunction with the Los Angeles Coalition Against Wage Theft. The march walked through the city of Los Angeles and ended at the city council chambers. Part of the demands of the march was to enforce federal wage guidelines and federal equal opportunity guidelines in the workplace, minimizing or even eliminating illegal race discrimination from the workplace. According to the march, approximately half of the black workers in the city of Los Angeles are either underemployed or unemployed. This type of imbalance caused by illegal race discrimination and hiring race discrimination make it very difficult for black workers to survive.
Hiring race discrimination and firing race discrimination are very serious issues pertaining to discrimination in the workplace. Illegal race discrimination takes advantage of legal loopholes as well as a lack of enforcement of equal opportunity labor laws. The Los Angeles Black Workers Center noted that of the many new developments in the city of Los Angeles and its downtown area, very few black workers were present. There was a glaring underrepresentation of black workers in these new workplaces, a clear sign of illegal race discrimination.
The march called for the establishment of a local Discrimination Compliant Resolution System. The system would be set up within the Human Relations Commissions of the City of Los Angeles and its task would be to prevent and eliminate any illegal race discrimination and hiring race discrimination problems in Los Angeles. The march also called for civil rights ordinances allowing law enforcement agencies and Los Angeles discrimination lawyers to strengthen their abilities to fight against rampant and illegal race discrimination within the workplaces of Los Angeles.
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Workplace discrimination because of race or ethnicity is illegal in California. If you feel you have been a victim of race employment discrimination in your workplace, contact the attorneys at Carlin and Buchsbaum today.
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