Carlin & Buchsbaum Recovers $1.17 Million for Former Pasadena Firefighter


In a well-publicized case across the southland, Carlin & Buchsbaum recently recovered $1.17 million in a jury verdict on behalf of Carter Stephens in a wrongful termination suit against the City of Pasadena. Stephens, an African-American former firefighter whose complaints of racial discrimination and harassment were ignored for years, was forced into disability retirement after a knee injury. The attorneys at Carlin & Buchsbaum revealed that the claim that Stephens was “unfit for duty” completely lacked factual support and was only an attempt to justify the wrongful retirement. By focusing on the unfair retaliation to Stephens’ complaints as well as the ongoing discrimination, lead attorney Brent Buchsbaum emphasized the injustice of City and Fire officials against Mr. Stephens to win this major jury verdict. With their extensive employee rights litigation knowledge and experience, Carlin & Buchsbaum was able to deliver powerful results, giving Stephens a fresh start in his life. See the following for more information on this landmark verdict won by Carlin & Buchsbaum:


Black Firefighter Awarded $1.17 Million – LA Times


Ex-Firefighter Awarded $1.17M in Forced Retirement – CBS News

Firefighter Wins $1.17 Million – Pasadena Star-News

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