California Updates Workplace Discrimination, Harassment, and Pregnancy Disability Leave Regulations

Continual scrutiny following workplace discrimination based on gender, age, race, religion, and sexuality has led to monumental change in California workplace discrimination and harassment regulations. New regulations were enacted expanding upon discrimination, harassment, and pregnancy disability leave policies affecting workplaces across the state of California. As of April 1st, 2016, the updated California workplace regulations will contain amendments detailing new requirements for anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies and record keeping, reducing illegal discrimination in the workplace.

Discrimination lawyers battling illegal workplace discrimination have been armed with a new tool to combat what has become a predominant issue in society today. California employers must take note of the new anti-harassment and anti-discrimination laws enacted and must develop a strong retaliation, harassment, and discrimination policy that clearly meets the new state regulation standards. These new standards ironed out by workplace discrimination lawyers will require the workplace discrimination and workplace harassment policies to be written. California workplaces must also outline a formal complaint process and mechanism, protecting anyone who may have experienced illegal sex discrimination. Employers are required to inform employees about these new anti-discrimination and workplace race disability harassment policies. This serves to provide equal opportunities to women and minorities is a strong stance against illegal age workplace discrimination. 

While illegal workplace discrimination can stem from gender, age, sexuality, and other factors, updated regulations seek to protect pregnant women through additional sections regarding fair pregnancy disability leave treatment. Employers must now comply with these new requirements, many of which have been outlined in a new “Your Rights and Obligation as a Pregnant Employee” poster. This informative pregnancy discrimination poster informs employers and employees of their updated anti-pregnancy discrimination rights according to the law. Similarly to updated race, sex and age workplace discrimination and harassment standards, all employees must be informed the rights if they were to become pregnant. This allows each employee to understand what fair treatment is legally and how a company’s corporate policy combatting illegal workplace discrimination and harassment protect them.

This employment law update was enacted in hopes that stricter regulation will diminish illegal workplace harassment and workplace discrimination. Workplace discrimination lawyers across the state of California continually strive to fight for workplace equality. This law represents the lengths to which California will go to incorporate fair workplace treatment through the use of firm workplace anti-discrimination policies, creating equal opportunities for employees of different sexes, races and ages throughout the state. 

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