California Bill Signed Eliminating Gender Workplace Pay Discrimination

This past Tuesday Governor Jerry Brown signed into effect the California Fair Pay Act, aimed at eliminating gender pay disparity in California. Previous laws of similar intention protected individuals from pay disparity when working the exact same position. The newly signed California Fair Pay Act would make it illegal for any discriminatory pay disparity between any similar positions worked by two different individuals.

Brown, at the ceremony for the signing of the California Fair Pay Act, explained how “the inequalities that have plagued our state..are slowly being resolved with this kind of bill.” Brown’s work helps eliminate many of the protections afforded by legal ambiguity that violators of discriminatory practices were able to utilize.

Illegal sex discrimination and race discrimination are widely documented in the state of California. Workplace harassment, wrongful termination, and pay disparity are among the many concerns of those suffering from the harmful wage discrimination. Discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Sacramento work to represent illegal discrimination victims across races, social classes, sex and gender, and economic class, and reporters in the media frequently reported the various successes these race and sex discrimination lawyers enjoyed in the pursuit of equality. The California Fair Pay Act is hailed by Sacramento and Los Angeles discrimination lawyers as one of the biggest pieces of legislature ever passed in the protection of minorities and women in the workplace.

This Fair Pay bill, aimed at preventing and eliminating such discriminatory wage gaps between men and women, also has the effect of putting the burden of proof upon employers rather than employees. If fair wages comes into question, it is the employer that needs to prove there was no illegal workplace pay discrimination occurring, rather than an employee having to prove that illegal wage discrimination did occur. This is a significant shift as oftentimes minority employees do not have the data to prove whether such sex-based wage discrimination had happened in the workplace.

Furthermore, protections are put into place for those who share wage information and ask each other about earned wages and salaries. By having the legal freedom to speak about wages in the pursuit of fair wages and the elimination of discriminatory wage gaps, conversation can be started without the threat of being fired.

Read more at the Los Angeles Times.

Workplace wage discrimination because of sex or gender is illegal in California. If you feel you have been a victim of employment wage discrimination in your workplace, contact the attorneys at Carlin and Buchsbaum today.

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